St James Square – Uncovered

St James Square is a new era in precast excellence. To the eye it appears to all intense and purpose as though it is a hand set Portland Stone facade built traditionally. In reality it is Portland Stone cast onto high quality precast panels.

To achieve this high level of quality without any of the normal large panel to panel joints associated with precast units, we have specially designed and detailed our system panels which have been cast to extremely high tolerances.

The result of the time and care taken in our new precast factory is that the facade was built quickly on site and as you can see the finished product looks every inch as though traditional stone masons installed each and every stone.

Quality by distinction.

About the Author:
Grants Precast are unique in the market place. Not only are we the only company to have a quarry and a stone manufacturing company on the same site, we also develop our own bespoke cost efficient, innovative solutions specific for your project.